‘The Little Book of Everything’ by Ruskin Bond (#ABookAWeek)

Hi Guys!
Hope you all are doing really well. I know I have been out of the picture for the last two weeks, and was honestly planning on taking a longer break. But on seeing your love and support to my previous posts, I changed my mind. This has been extremely encouraging and is what has got me back to my routine. So thank you all.

Now coming back to the challenge I took up, #ABookAWeek. Hmmm… So was I able to achieve it? Well, I wasn’t a complete failure because I managed to complete half-a-book that I’d picked up. But that’s not what I am writing about today. In between reading that book (I’ll talk about it next week), I was going through a low phase in life. Nothing serious. Just that I needed a fresh perspective, extreme motivation and a serious change in the way things were progressing in life. And while I was figuring out stuff, I picked up another delightful read.

The Little Book of Everything describes itself as a book that will comfort you and can be read anytime. I couldn’t help but read it in one go and took in all the wonderful things it contained.

The book is a lovely compilation of several thoughts and phrases from author Ruskin Bond’s diaries. These are simple words that make you realize how simple life actually is. There is motivation, understanding, assurance and love. You can read it when you feel low and need cheering up. You can read it when you feel happy and add more joy to your thoughts. It truly is a book full of everything for every kind of mood or feeling.

This is a book you can carry with you wherever you go– You can open it anytime to look for some comforting and positive words that will surely bring a smile on your face.

Now doesn’t that sound like a delightful read?

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