#Life2.0: It’s Time To Rediscover Yourself

Ever felt like giving up because life feels mundane? Things don’t interest you any longer and you are hell bored with the way things are moving or rather not moving at all in your life? Hmm… This sure seems like a situation to get upset over and leave everything to sit and sulk. But hey! How about seeing this as a great opportunity to bring out a new, refreshed version of yourself and rediscover your life again. I call it for Life 2.0.

This current phase in your life can be really depressing. You just want to be alone, do nothing and are constantly showing your troubled and moody side to your dear ones. Well, in all fairness, I understand that this is the best option that you see, but as I always say, there is a bright side to everything. Once you have seen your worst and dullest phase (according to you) and shown it to others (according to them), it is time to revive.

Remember, you were giving up on every dream that you once dreamt, leaving everything to chance, not making any effort at all, sulking and so on. So trust me on this, you really have nothing to lose here. All you have got to do now is rise and truly shine, as you take on the fun task of Life 2.0.

Use this phase, yes, this very sad and complaining phase to rediscover yourself. How? Here are ways you will thank me later for.

  1. Make a list of 3 to 5 qualities you love about yourself or used to love ( in case you feel they don’t exist any longer).
  2. Done? Great! Now, analyze each of these qualities and understand how relevant and applicable they are in your current life. Example, if you feel that being an extrovert is a great quality of yours, try and think of how extrovert you used to be, how it has progressed and are you still that same person… If yes, list down things you enjoy about this aspect in you, and if not, find out reasons why you are not that extrovert person anymore. This way, you will be able to know yourself better and also understand what has changed in you over the years.
  3. Once you have given yourself enough time on this, it’s time to revisit things you love doing or used to at one point in life. In the similar fashion, list them, analyze them and compare them with you current situation.

“But why this? I am frustrated and sad”, you may think…

As you grow older and take on different challenges and responsibilities, you often fail to stay the person you were. You lose a part of you somewhere and when you look back at it, you begin to make comparisons and overthink. Instead, all you need to do is bring that person back, bring those habits back and bring those dreams back in your current life, and make sure you stick to them this time. That’s exactly what these two exercises will help you do.

Life 2.0 is not just a new chapter but a reminder that if one thing– a job, a relationship or life in general hasn’t worked out the way you had planned or imagined it, there is always a chance to move ahead with something new. All you have to do is rediscover yourself. Giving up on life, your dreams and hopes may seem like the only option but for once, do try to love yourself, understand what you really want, and this time, make a different move. It’ll surely be worth it.

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