5 Ways To Get Back To Reading

Is reading the first thing that comes to your mind when someone asks you about your hobby? And have you been reading little or not at all recently? And to be honest, have you been buying books to be read in the future and only end up staring at a huge pile on and off? Worry not, we’ve all been there. You are still a book lover, it’s just that you have to start reading them at some given point. Well, how about we start now? Since I have been in this situation myself before, I have managed to figure out 5 ways that will help you to get back to your favorite hobby. Here’s how…

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay
  1. Start with a light read: It’s important for reading as a habit to stay continuous, so that it automatically becomes a part of your daily routine. Since you haven’t read in a while, it may get difficult to pick up a book and finish it soon enough to pick another one. So to begin with, pick a light read. Something you know you will be able to read easily and will not take a lot of your dedicated time. Once you finish the book, this will give you the confidence and you will feel the urge to pick up another one. Sometimes, the number of pages in a book can be intimidating and even though the book is interesting, in your mind it may feel like it is slowing the process. So rather than clinging on to a thick book for the longest time, finish some light ones and then gradually progress to the former.
  2. Read in your favorite place: Nope, not your cozy bed. I have noticed that an extremely comfortable spot for reading can make you sleepy and you simply end up reading very little or nothing at all. Read in a spot that is nice, bright and inspiring. A sunny corner in your balcony, your favorite café, park, study room or anywhere you know you won’t be lazy enough to read. Create an atmosphere or be a part of one that pushes you to read and not nap with the book on your face (that only makes for good pictures).
  3. Set a daily target: “I am going to finish this book tonight”, is what you may say to yourself and for a moment believe it too. But come on! Have you seen that huge pile of books in your room? Be realistic and give reading a set time every day. Say you choose to read a book of 200 pages. Now to begin with, start with 10-20 pages every day. If the book is very interesting and you have the time, increase your pace, but if you don’t have the time, at least stick to this limit. As you progress, go on to increase the number of pages and your daily goals. What happens often is that we are so motivated, we finish the first book quickly and then slow down with the next one. Thus, make sure you have some goal for every day and keep it fixed for at least a week.
  4. Discuss the book you are reading: How come you end up binge watching shows, but keep postponing reading a book? It’s just a matter of habit. Watching something requires least effort and all you have to do really is watch. With reading, there is more focus and you need to hold on to the interest. Now as you pick a book, discuss it with your friends, parents, siblings etc. This will help you stay connected with what you are reading by talking about it and keep your interest alive. You can also go on to write about the book in form of notes and then compile it as a review, social media post, blog or any other form of discussion.
  5. Participate in book activities: If you’ve missed out, I had set up a challenge, #ABookAWeek in one of my earlier posts. This was a way for me to go back to my habit of reading and make it a part of my routine. I declared mine on this blog, but you don’t have to do the same. You can become a part of a book reading club, some challenge or just set up one for yourself. You can exchange books with your friends, partners, neighbors, form small chat groups, and do many such fun activities that will keep you hooked to reading.

Read enough? Great then…. it’s time for me to say bye and for you to pick up a book (finally) and say hello to your favorite hobby. Happy Reading!

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