Finally a Reader’s Digest Subscriber: The Beauty Of Good Habits

I had the biggest smile ever on my face this evening. As I entered home, I was handed my first copy (as a subscriber) of the Reader’s Digest magazine.

Reader’s Digest November 2020

So what’s the big deal in subscribing to a magazine? Here’s why…

I grew up reading and loving books, thanks to my father’s interest in them and his vast collection. He would encourage us to read magazines, comics, novels, newspapers etc. always emphasising on the importance of reading. A part of his collection was also his monthly Reader’s Digest issues. He would get this handbook-sized digest every month by post. I, mostly received the copy and would love to open it and give it a quick glance. I remember reading the quotes every month, the jokes section was another favourite and this was my little book to learn new words and read wonderful articles.

But as I grew older, a number of things took over this growing habit and it gradually faded. I did think of subscribing to the magazine sometime back (I just could not keep up with buying a copy every month) but I kept delaying the same and it never really happened.

Now last month, while I was at my parents house, I was organising my father’s book-shelf. As I was re-arranging his huge pile of Reader’s Digest magazines (issues collected over the years), I asked him why he didn’t throw them away? He said,

I have been a subscriber for over 15 years now and this has been a part of my routine. I have enjoyed reading these issues, and looking at this collection reminds me of how I stuck to a favourite magazine, grew with it and shared it with all of you. This collection also reminds me of my good habit which I continue to maintain till date. Simple.

After listening to him I thought to myself, how wonderful and easy this actually is. It’s not just about subscribing to a magazine but a habit and keeping up with it for years.

I finally did the same last month and I was thrilled to get my first copy today. I have always enjoyed reading this magazine and now I wish to do so regularly. This is one habit that will always remind me of my father, my childhood and the beauty of good habits. Cheers!

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