Honest Feedback of My 2020 Resolutions

The year 2020 ends in another 10 days and man what a year this has been! Some may call it disturbing, unproductive, challenging, sad, overwhelming and others might feel it was an awakening, realistic and a huge learning. Now to be honest, no matter how this year has been for you, you do look forward to new beginnings. Same is the case with me. I am one of those people who love ringing in the new year, set resolutions and give everything a fresh perspective. But this time around, I want to do things differently. Before I dive into 2021 full of enthusiasm, I want to review the past year based on the resolutions I had set. Makes sense? So let’s get on with it.

1: Focus on Fitness: Okay, so this was my very first resolution for the year 2020. Now, to be very honest, I haven’t lost weight drastically like half of Instagram’s population and nor have I turned vegan or checked in with a diet consultant. But what I have done is add some form of exercise to my routine, been relatively active, walked more than I ever have, started cycling, yoga and have maintained a balanced diet. This hasn’t shown great results but I can say that I feel better than what I did when I set out my resolution.

Honest Rating: 2.5/5

2: Think Less, Do More: Now this is one thing I am proud of. Even after this resolution has seen a high and low graph, I feel I have been able to achieve most of my goals (even though my professional plans were affected by the pandemic). The ‘think less’ part I haven’t fully adopted but I have definitely done a lot more this year. I am happy I can enter the next year with something in hand which is of value and I can continue with.

Honest Rating: 3/5

3: Read, a Lot More: Hmm. Yes, I have started a book challenge lately but I haven’t read as much as I was hoping to this entire year. Since I have begun to fulfill my reading commitment only towards the end of the year, I see myself as a complete failure in this department.

Honest Review: 0/5

4: Use my phone, as a phone: This very resolution was going great in the first quarter of the year but then the pandemic took over. OTT platforms increased my viewing time and I ended up watching a lot more than usual. However, I wasn’t glued to my phone as most of the people around me, because I kept my focus on different activities and didn’t binge watch like crazy. I also tried to change my habit of viewing videos and shows on my phone and switched to my TV and Laptop as and when possible. So this could have actually been a point where I scored really well, but then there weren’t that many activities to kill the lockdown phase.

Honest Rating: 3.5/5

5: Erase Negativity: Through this resolution, I was clearly aiming at becoming a positive person and thinker. I wanted to cut down on the negative elements in my life and focus on the bright side. I believe I have been able to control this aspect to a good degree but there is always scope for improvement.

Honest Rating: 4/5

So this was my personal roundup of the year 2020–a year that will do down in history, a year that changed a lot for many people.

As most of us are glad this year is coming to an end, I hope each of one of has learnt something new and fulfilled some of our goals. I also hope we don’t take things for granted anymore and make the most of all that we have. 2020 was dreadful in most ways, but was truly and year of great learning.

Until next time. That’s day after đŸ˜›

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