‘Bridgerton’, an Enchanting Period Drama with a Twist

2020 has undoubtedly been a year of digital content, thanks to the several over-the-top (OTT) platforms out there. Did you not love binge-watching a wide range of shows, lauded stellar performances, revisited classic hits, and so much more?

Now, as you and I continue to follow the same in the New Year, I cannot help but talk about a show that premiered in the last week of 2020. Yes, I am talking about the much-awaited, and now the much-loved series, Bridgerton.

Source: Youtube

My period-drama spree is what got me interested in watching this Netflix series. Having watched The CrownColette, Little WomenThe Other Boleyn Girl (Just realized how rich Netflix’s period-drama content is), and other such shows and movies, I wanted Bridgerton to be my year-ender in this category.

While the show’s description speaks of gossip and romance, I seriously didn’t expect it to be such a fun ride. Bridgerton is full of drama, SCANDAL (we love you Shonda Rhimes), gossip, romance, chaos, and exciting twists. You witness Royalty and the world around it, but it’s nothing like what you’ve seen before. Even though this is a period drama, its presentation is lively, full of color, character, and charm. I was amazed to see a chilled-out Queen, who loves to gossip, entertain and stay entertained. She is hilarious and adorable.

5 reasons to watch Bridgerton

Lady Whistledown, a scandalous author: The mysterious character of Lady Whistledown, the author of a newsletter, is the life of the show. She keeps her readers, all the characters in the series, hooked and how. Notorious in her ways, she is full of gossip and causes quite the chaos. Even though they reveal who she is in the end, I feel there is more to this revelation. Let’s see… Season 2 soon, please!

Choice of casting: There has been enough talk about the casting of the show. Many have called it ‘colorless’, ‘color-blind’, ‘diverse’ etc., and have even credited Bridgerton‘s success to the choice of cast. Well, I feel you cannot miss the fact that the casting stands out, but it is not just the faces– every character fits in perfectly, and I see it as a refreshing choice.

A costume drama: One social event after another means amazing costumes, jewelry, and drama. The costumes in the show speak a great deal about the characters. While the Bridgerton’s keep it sophisticated, the Featherington’s are loud and colorful in their choice of dressing. New dresses mean new ways of attracting the right match and reflect the larger goal of this society. Fashion lovers are sure to pick quite a few points, as you cannot help but notice the line of stunning and embellished costumes. 

Women take charge: From the scandalous newsletter author to the most relaxed Queen ever, women rule Bridgerton. The two central families, Bridgertons and Featheringtons have women taking important decisions, as opposed to the men who seem rather confused. Even the young women, who dress up and present themselves in front of potential suitors, have the final say in accepting a proposal.   

Old yet modern: Bridgerton, a period drama set in an age of a Queen long ago, but it feels contemporary. While the concerns of the characters and the plot are period-centric, this approach seems fresh. Right from how open and regular the Queen is, to the choice of pop music (did you sing to the tune of Maroon 5’s, Girl Like You, playing in one scene) or the sex interests of the characters, this is not your regular Regency period drama. It is fun to see how the old world charm and characters are presented with a modern twist, even if it is playing in the background.

Join me in the wait for Season 2 if you have seen the show, and if not, it is time to do so now.

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