‘The Perils of Being Moderately Famous’ by Soha Ali Khan #ABookAWeek

Now, who says those born with privilege do not have issues to deal with? And sometimes these problems are neglected. Being born in an illustrious family may come with its share of perks, but as actor-turned-author Soha Ali Khan puts it, there are perils too. However, Soha addresses her troubles with wit and is a winner in this delightful read.

The Perils of Being Moderately Famous is a sharp account of experiences from the author’s life. She talks about her relationship with her famous family, taking us through her college, work, love, and motherhood journey.

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This book is not your regular celebrity memoir. Soha declares right in the beginning that this book is not going to suffice your hunger for information about her famous brother Saif Ali Khan or sister-in-law Kareena Kapoor Khan. She makes it clear that the book is about her. And that is what makes it worth the read.


The highlight for me is the chapters in the book on her parents Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore, and her relationship with her actor husband Kunal Khemu. Even though she had big shoes to fill, Soha maintains her individuality, even as a writer. As you read the chapters, you realize that she is comfortable being part of a famous family, where she is still not as recognized as the others. But what stands out the most is her ability to talk about it with much humor and acceptance.

Talking about her husband, she writes, “Ours was a courtship dance of nine months with my brain telling me he didn’t check all the boxes but my heart rejoicing every time I was in his company.” It is beautiful how she knows it was a matter of love and nothing beyond. She even confesses how she knew he was not perfect and believes there is no such thing as a perfect guy in the first place.

Soha shares in detail her parent’s life, the rich culture and fame that surrounded them, and her relationship with them. But again, she talks about them as her parents, not just famous people. Soha also mentions some interesting people who have influenced her life and continue to be an important part. You see how her adventures with her friend Tom and the life-long lessons she learned from Mrs. Narula reflect in her fun and forthright personality.


As I read the book, I wondered how she must have felt every time someone pointed out to her as a famous celeb’s sister, daughter, or sister-in-law. It made me realize that even if you are talented and are born into a notable family, there is constant baggage. It is upon you, however, whether to carry it or accept and let go. Soha did just that and managed her way into a world full of lights and constant glaring.

‘Life is just better when you’re laughing’, she captions one of the many rare pictures featured in the book. Life sure is beautiful when there is laughter in life, and those who can laugh at themselves freely make it worthwhile.

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