‘Manhattan Mango’ and ‘The Singles Game’

Hi book lovers, 

This week I am suggesting two books that had been lying on my shelf for a while. And as I finally managed to pull them out and read them, I thought it would be great to share them with you guys. I hope you enjoy reading them and I welcome your book suggestions (comment box, please).

Manhattan Mango by Madhuri Iyer

The book takes us into the lives of three friends, Neel, Shri, and Shanks. We get to see their relaxed and fun bachelor life, full of alcohol, parties, dating, fun, and all the right action for a city like Manhattan. But they too have their share of lows and highs and those are the moments when their friendship is best highlighted.

The three boys are out for each other in the midst of love troubles, family acceptance, and secrets. I have read and watched enough girly stuff recently and reading this book was a good break. It’s fun to know how guys think, react and deal with their problems. It’s refreshing! 

The Singles Game, Lauren Weisberger

Does the author’s name ring a bell? Bang on! She is the author of the best-selling book The Devil Wears Prada, a reason enough to pick this book. The Singles Game is a perfect mix of sport and glamour. Charlie’s life as a successful tennis player is soon to get tested, and it is not going to be a smooth ride. But then, who does not like to read about a bit of chaos and loads of gossip! Through Charlie’s life, you witness the craze the world of glamour and celebrity life offers. It is not easy to be in the limelight, especially at all times. It may seem attractive, but everything comes with a price. And you stop chasing things when you realize what your dreams are and if all the chaos is worth it. The book is fun, exciting and full of drama. You’ll love it! 

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