Run in the Rain, not from the Rain…

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed dinner with a loved one? And did you manage to cherish every moment of the vacation you had been planning for a long time?

These are small but meaningful things we often neglect in our lives. When you love someone, you make every effort to make them a part of your life. But when you have them, you relax and begin to take the relationship for granted. Similarly, you tend to put days and nights into planning an event, a vacation, and also your career… but when you’re there, you forget to live the moment.

Imagine if you and I can change this attitude. Wouldn’t it be amazing to cherish the moments we work towards? The reward or how we measure our success is not only about achieving what we look forward to in life. The real sense of accomplishment is when we can take in the moments and find happiness with every step.

So instead of waiting for the rain and staying in when it pours, step outside and enjoy the rain. Immerse yourself at the moment and keep that attitude alive for all that you aspire in life. If the journey is worth enjoying, then why neglect the outcome? Embrace your achievements and every moment you possibly can in life.

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